2019 Presenter

Aaleyah from Sweden

Aaleyah started with pony play 2011 and has since explored the how, why and wherefore of pony play in her own very personal way – both as a pony and a handler. She has a passion for making practical, comfortable and beautiful pony play equipment with whatever material comes her way, although leather prevails as her chosen medium. She is always eager to meet and interact with new ponies and handlers and talk about this greatest of her hobbies, as this is what it is to her – an immersive, mentally, physically and creatively challenging and wonderfully diverse hobby… with benefits.



Sunday Classes:

Harness Design

In this class we will take a look at how anatomy affects the design of a harness, whether it be a show harness, carting harness or a harness for the sexually active pony. There are few rules you need to follow to make a harness that is comfortable, practical and good-looking, but the things you learn during this class ensures that your end product will satisfy the most picky pony player – instead of wasting that nice material you just spent so much money on.