EQUUS IPPE Judges 2017

Rebecca Wilcox from Sweden

RW headshot w cap

Author of “The Human Pony” published by Greenery Press and lover of all things pony. As a longtime contributing member of the pony community, though not currently active due to my Masters program in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, I have been participating with the San Francisco pony community since 2004 and teaching and organizing events since 2005. The following is a bit of the past: Owner/Publisher of “Equus Eroticus”; 2009 North American Pony and Trainer with Submissann/Beauty for GLLA; Northern California (Human) Fox Hunt 1st – 4th annual hunts 2006-2009; SF Annual Dog and Pony Show Presenter/Ambassador 2005-2009; SF Citadel Instructor 2005-2008; Pony Play Days (The Greater SF Bay Area) 2005-2008; Pony Pride Round-Up Leader (Leather Contingent SF Pride Parade) 2006, 07, 08; and Secret Lives of Women Pony play documentary.


FSF_092715__Rebecca Wilcox-Ronin_015After moving to Sweden, I continued teaching pony play classes with more of an emphasis on BDSM. I also did a documentary for Ask Olle: Sex Documentarian on Fetish in 2012. My teaching eventually led to becoming a regular lecturer on fetish and BDSM at Karolinska Institutet for the medical professional students. In Jan 2013 I did another documentary for Ask Olle: Sex Documentarian on Pony play as Dominance. I have also been a Stockholm Pride Presenter in 2015 and 2016 on animal play and BDSM. I have volunteered for five years for RFSU, a sexual freedom organization in Stockholm and co-founded The Academy (BDSM Education) in Stockholm. Currently I continue as Pony Play Ambassador and professional in Sweden with a few forays to Germany.

My classes have turned from primarily training the trainer to spirit animal medicine. I love talking with people about the messages animal spirits bring to us. Animals always bring me joy, but especially the ponies.




DragonLord and SaraMara from San Francisco.

Folsom 2011I am a ‘patched-in’ producer for Queer Sphere and co-host the monthly rope demonstration and play-shop, Bound, at the White Horse in Oakland with my event partner and rope bottom SaraMara. I’m a ‘patched-in’ regular at Master Scorpio’s Dominance Dojo at The Citadel in San Francisco; and I’m an organizer and community leader for Stampede animal-role play events. I am heavily involved in Bay Area Animal Role Play community. I’m currently one of the organizers and planners/promoters for the The Chase!, the event formerly known as the Northern California Human Fox Hunt. The Chase this year was October 21-23, 2016. Planning is already in progress for The Chase 2017! I’m very proud of the work that I did as one of the main organizers of the Northern California Fox Hunt, but I’m very happy with the next incarnation, The Chase. I am a regular at the Stampede munch and as the head Trainer of Team_Lightning, my team, comprised of lead pony, Splinter, and team members Dancer, Strider and Whimsy, escort the Leather Marshals at SF Pride for the Leather Contingent. We also make regular appearances around the Bay (NorCal Kink Ride, trots in Golden Gate Park, the Creature Cavalcade during the Folsom Street Fair, and so on). If by chance you are of human canine persuasion and you are looking to join a Pony Team, you should drop me a line.

FSF2015_07My event partner and beloved, SaraMara, performs duty as my Lead Pony, together, the two of us are responsible for organizing the transportation (i.e. pony carts!) for the Leather Marshals every year during the San Francisco Pride Parade. We have recently been granted this honor and distinction from the incomparable Mistress Liliane Hunt.



SaraMara is an arch-fetishist that enjoys leather and latex with equal frequency and fury!  She’s an adventurer that has been involved in the San Francisco Bay area kink and fetish scene for over twenty years.  This loquacious lass was a candidate for Ms. SF Leather 2015 and was recently tapped for an Exiles’ Panel discussion on the future of the SF Leather Community.  A former activist and musician of some repute, she serves as an organizer for The Chase (formerly known as the Northern California Fox Hunt) and proudly prances as the lead pony for the SF Pride Leather Contingent!  She is active in the SF Stampede and a patched-in producer for Queer Sphere.  As Ponygirl Splinter, her pony-play exploits have been featured in Slate magazine and the Playboy Channel.  Ever the quintessential Libra, SaraMara aggressively pursues balance (she’s a Domina *and* a submissive!), egalitarianism (injustice moves her to action), beauty, grace, and a good martini.