EQUUS IPPE Judges 2018


Charisma from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Equus International Pony Play Event 2017 Grand Champion winner.

Charisma is life long bio-equestrian and an eventing (Dressage, Cross Country, and Show Jumping) pony player who is joining us from northern New Mexico.  She has traveled around the USA to attend various events such as Camp Crucible, EE Ranch Play Days, Ponies on the Delta, CTK Jamboree, EQUUS IPPE, and various local events.  She holds awards in Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Racing, Blindfolded Carting, Trail racing, Barrel Racing, Western Reining, Cutting, Confirmation, and more. She has appeared in two issues of the Equus Eroticus magazine, an episode of Outsiders, and was a presenter at EQUUS IPPE 2016.  She is a Judge for Ponies on the Delta in 2018 and Equus IPPE 2018.







Speckles from Los Angeles, California

Equus International Pony Play Event 2017 High Point Award winner.

Pony Speckles enjoys ponyskins (i.e. catsuits), soft leather restraints, galloping & high-stepping in wide open spaces, and the nonverbal communication of ponyplay. Speckles was introduced to the fun of being a pony and to the wonderful camaraderie of ponies and other pets through the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club. He has had the pleasure and great fortune of training with Miss Ann for years. He has competed with success in many ponyplay disciplines and is excited to help share the fun of competition by judging the pony games at Equus 2018.



Luna Bear from the Bay Area, California

Luna Bear

Luna Bear, International Pony Trainer 2008 and Ms Alameda County Leather 2015, is a queer leather dyke daddy bear who started her journey in the Midwest where the first kink event she attended was pony play. Over time she trained as a groom, handler and eventually a trainer, entering, competing in and judging some regional pony shows. After moving to the Mid-Atlantic region Luna was honored to be the only one to ever win the leather title of International Pony Trainer. Becoming a nationally known presenter on pony play with her pony partner as well as co-owner and co-producer of the original North American Pony Trainer Contest 2009. Luna has since moved to the Bay area and is excited to see where her journey will lead next and honored to be able to judge the upcoming Equus IPPE 2018!