EQUUS IPPE Judges 2020

Shire from Phoenix, Arizona

Equus International Pony Play Event 2018 Grand Champion winner.


I am Shire. I am a 15yr old shire draft horse. I’ve been a pony for 11+ years and have been under contract with two long-term trainers and one handler, never owned and considered a free-range pony.  My pleasures stem from having the privilege of working and engaging with one the few existing wild herds in New Mexico for several years, owning an equestrian center and learning from some of the best biological horse trainers in the nation. Through this interaction, I learned to communicate, behave and interact with my herd and train some of the most majestic creatures on earth. I have taken that experience and woven it into my life as I’ve journeyed forward. It also insures I never forget some of the lessons learned from the most amazing creatures. They were my second family as a teenager and young adult.

My passions and desires as both a pony and trainer/handler are to promote pony/pet play within the lifestyle whenever possible. The space and dynamics created from pony to pony and trainer to pony is truly magical and creates wonderful bonds of friendship and D/S relationships. As a trainer/handler, I’ve been blessed with developing 6 ponies who are thriving in their current journeys and relationships. Over the years I’ve competed in 20+ events both public and private, the latest achievement, becoming grand champion at Equus 2019.  I am humbled and honored to be a judge at this year’s competition at Equus 2020. Best of luck as you show off your skills in the arena and engage with some of the most amazing humans and ponies in the lifestyle. I’m very proud of each and every one of you for who you are and the pleasure you bring to the lifestyle. You are all winners for simply being YOU.

Cardholder from Los Alamos, New Mexico

Equus International Pony Play Event 2019 Reserve Grand Champion winner.

Cardholder is a pony who has been part of the pony play community since 2015. Originally from the southern Los Angeles area, Cardholder rode headfirst and fast to the Los Angeles Pony & Critter Club as soon as his pony outfit was completed in the early summer of 2015. He made his first outing pulling carts at Mile Square Park in July 2015 and participated in the 2015 EQUUS Event within the following month. Best described as a golden mustang Clydesdale, Cardholder enjoys being handled by excellent people within the pony play community, including sub Miss Ann, who is Cardholder’s first and favorite handler. His favorite acts include cart pulling, dressage, reigning, and acting both as a stern bio horse and as a cartoon animal. Describing and discussing pony play, helping preparing and organizing pony play events are among the things that he enjoys doing.

Cardholder makes appearances in New Mexico kink events in where he plays and teaches pony play to interested participants, as well as attending local munches. In New Mexico, he participates and helps run events for the Albuquerque Sanctuary for Human Animal Role Play (ASHAR), the local pet play scene for the northern New Mexican area which invites everybody to join and play with the community. He feels very well at home with the pony play herds of California, New Mexico, and Colorado. He holds a close connection to the Los Angeles Pony & Critter Club and the Rocky Mountain Pony Herd.

He has made several appearances in pony play and kink events such as EQUUS, Leather Fiesta (New Mexico), Ponies on the Delta (Louisiana), and Thunder in the Mountains (Colorado). He has made appearances in media: “Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex” by Katharine Gates, “Pony Play Festival in New Orleans” for Wizard of Odd, and “Pet Play” on Viceland’s Slutever. In pony play competitions, Cardholder has received various titles and ribbons. Among the highest are Third Place Overall for EQUUS 2016 and Reserve Grand Champion for EQUUS 2019.

After five years of competing, Cardholder has finally received the honor to be a judge for 2020 EQUUS International Pony Play. One of the best pony play events, both in the excitement that the event brings and the personal connections he feels to the event and all of its participants.

Pandora from Denver, Colorado,

Judge’s Pony Spirit Award and Equus International Pony Play Event 2019 High Point Award winner

Pandora is always up for talking about pony play with anyone, and isn’t shy about it.  Often educating many of her vanilla friends on the joys of Kink and Pony Play.  She also takes great pride in her abilities as a Show Pony, and enjoys being photographed, and presented in show. Her media appearances include appearing on the cover of Out Front in full latex pony gear in 2017, and also appearing in an episode of “SlutEver” on Vice in 2019.

Pandora Pony is an enthusiastic pony player from Colorado.  She has been ponying it up since 2014 with her Handler Jenn.  She has been an active and influential member of the Rocky Mountain Pony Herd since 2015.  Her look can change, and she has several different outfits which Handler Jenn designs and coordinates.  She enjoys the classic nude ponygirl styles of the 90s, as well as full latex or other body suits.  Her breed is a Clydesdale, and she enjoys strenuous activity like pulling carts, and endurance trials.  Her and Handler Jenn have a background in the “Sexual side” of pony play, and often enjoy incorporating restriction and tight bondage into their pony play activities.  Other activities include being quite an adapt jumper, and shes always up for a challenging course or dance routine.  Her temperament is friendly, loyal, high spirited, and playful.

In 2018, Her and her Handler, and some other members of the Rocky Mountain Pony Herd decided to train and enter their first Pony Play competitions at Ponies On the Delta.  This is where she discovered her love of competition pony play, and her enthusiasm and training resulted in Her and Handler Jenn winning Grand Champion that year.  After Ponies On the Delta, she was excited to travel with her Handler around the country competing at various events, as well as meeting other pony players nation wide.  In their travels they entered the Pony Show at Camp Crucible in 2019, winning Grand Champion.  Also entering and winning a few pony games at Sin In the City 2019.   Following that she also competed at EQUUS 2019, and took home the Hi-Point award and Pony Spirit award, and various other Ribbons.  Pony events aside, she attends Thunder In the Mountains every year, and always excited to visit the Southern Branch of the Rocky Mountain Pony Herd in new Mexico for events like Leather Fiesta.  Some of her future goals include traveling  with her Handler to events Europe.

In 2020 she will be making a return to competition at Ponies On the Delta 2020, and will be working close with her Handler at Camp Crucible 2020 to perform a few Pony Show demonstrations.  She is excited and honored to join the excellent team of judges for EQUUS 2020.  This will be her first experience judging a Pony Play event, and she plans to give it the same enthusiasm and spark she brings with her everywhere.  At the end of the day winning isn’t what is important to her, having fun and simply a chance to find freedom in being a Pony, and hopefully bring smiles to other faces.