EQUUS International Pony Play Event

Dear friends in the Pony Play community,

We know all of us have been through a very difficult year dealing with the world-wide pandemic and the financial and health concerns it raised. We’re hoping this finds all of you well.
If you’re like us, we know we’ve missed each other terribly and can hardly wait to gather again. When we judiciously canceled EQUUS in 2020 it was our greatest hope to reschedule for 2021.
Currently, the situation in Los Angeles is uncertain regarding event sizes, especially for indoor athletic events. We know that many of you are likely making plans for the fall and are working on your budgets.
Given the uncertainty and concerns for everyone’s health and finances we are making the heart-breaking decision to postpone yet again this year.
We are hopeful that the world will be an easier place in 2023 and that we can, once again, gather with all the people we love and enjoy our Pony-ness together.
On a small scale with day time only event and with limited attendance basis, there will be a Queen’s Cup 2022.  Please check out this page.
In love and health,
EQUUS Producer, Sponsors, & Staff

in Los Angeles is the opportunity for ALL Pony Play enthusiasts to meet face to face. This event is open to ALL styles of Pony Play, ALL types of Ponies, ALL the wonderful people that take our reins and those who love us.  We embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity.

This event is a dedicated Pony Play Event.

Equus IPPE’s mission is to provide quality education on Pony Play and a safe space to play and experience new things in Pony Play.