Presenters 2018

Piper Pony

Piper pony is a dun colored Highland pony with a dark mane and tail.  As a pony she is owned and trained by Dana, her master of nearly 20 years.  Together, they have been awarded numerous ribbons since winning “Best in Show” at the first Erotic Thoroughbreds and Black Rose ‘99.  Dana and Piper have been featured on HBO’s Real Sex and in the fetish book, Deviant Desires.  Piper’s tack (mostly the work of the fabulous Buck at Water-hole leather) and artwork have been exhibited at The Museum of Sex in New York in a show for Deviant Desires.  Piper has off and on been on pony staff and a presenter at Camp Crucible, The Floating World, and Brimstone. She is best known for her very loud, obnoxious and happy whinny.



The Language of Ponies

In this session, we will talk about and demonstrate ways to use body language, inspired by the movements of bio-horses, to express your inner pony, find pony headspace, communicate basic needs, and request or give consent.  We will also learn and/or practice how to whinny and talk about why horses make the different noises they do.


Lunging the Human Pony

According to Judy Richter in her book on the subject, Virgil is the earliest known to write about lunging, two thousand years ago.  He wrote : “when three summers have passed and the fourth has come, let him begin to run round the circling course, to make his steps ring even, to flex his legs in alternating curves – let him have a hard work out.”  In this workshop we will practice lunging techniques for both large and small spaces.  We will talk about the various reasons for using these methods with human ponies.   Lunging can be as simple as standing in place while your horse circles around you, but if you have an objective and a plan, you can assess your pony’s health and progress; teach your pony respect; work your pony hard; and make it a scene.


Natural Ponymanship

In this workshop we will apply some of the groundwork training exercises of natural horsemanship and liberty trainers to the human pony.  We will discuss and practice ways to develop each pony’s natural strengths and abilities, while at the same time developing the bond between trainer and pony.