Luna Carousel from New Zealand will be our 2017 Presenter.  Their Pony name is Moondusk.

meBio of LunaCarousel aka MoonDusk.

Luna is a Pony/Trainer residing in New Zealand.
They have always been a pony in their heart, pretending to be one during childhood, through teen years, and now naturally progressing to Adult years as a developed persona MoonDusk by 2008.
On the Trainer side, Luna has consistently been in the Bio-horse world, riding and handling horses since a young age as well. As you can imagine, these two things blended together beautifully to assist in the pony-play world.
Luna is also a freelance artist, selling commissions for 16 years, but has always been explorative in the crafts, creating interesting Pony masks, and other pony persona ideas.


Luna has held pet-play workshops, pony play events, tastings workshops for curious beginner ponies and trainers, performed onstage as a pony at a fetish event and done demos as a Trainer with volunteer ponies.

IMG_7774_cropSmllMoonDusk is an extension of an inner pony spirit, being a pony is the ultimate bliss. Escapism and exploration of self through an animal role. I enjoy bio-based alt/roleplay that is non sexual.
I do wish to stress, there is no one way or right way to play pony, this is just the style I do. Go out, have fun and enjoy your pony journey!




Pony 101 with MoonDusk

For beginners and experienced ponies, or people curious about ponying. This has interactive discussion elements, as well as a voluntary activity section.
Where does one start, how can one further their pony persona. I share tips and tricks on how I developed MoonDusk, that you can use for your pony journey too.
What is involved in being a pony, what kind of pony types are there? How to pony up on a budget, what are the basic gaits to get you started? I share all this and more in my Pony 101 class.

Handler roles and safety

For Beginners and seasoned Trainers to enjoy.
This is an interactive discussion style class.
What do we need to be aware of in a Trainer role, in regards to the safety of the pony during play. We discuss a wide range of things to be aware of; including dangers in each scene style, and sharing our experiences during play.
Handler roles are wide ranged, what kinds are there and dressing for the occasion. We talk about the Trainers dressing for a role they enjoy and the impact it has on a scene.



Samantha from Arizona will be our 2017 Presenter.  Her Pony name is Harley.


IMG_5660Bio of Samantha aka Harley:

Samantha identifies as a woman who is sexually attracted or erotically charged by concepts of consensual sexual slavery within the BDSM community. She also has a wild pony side named pony Harley who loves to be a show horse.

Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) is her home dungeon and you will often find her there. she enjoys volunteering at APEX and attends almost every Saturday night party. She is currently an Officer at Large on the Executive Committee on her second two year term.

Samantha has also served as the Judge’s slave for Arizona M/s Contest in 2014, served as Butchmann’s Faculty and Instructor in 2015, volunteers with the Boys of Leather, served on the Leather float committee with United Phoenix Leather Communities 2016, lead pet play parties, and is the founder of slave hearts of Arizona leading many slave heart talks within the community.

Boot Worship

Worship is a broad category of those types of things we like to do to express devotion, commitment, or feelings towards specific concepts or dynamics or people. These behaviors can be discovered in any and all of the variety of connections the kink community creates including ponies and their handlers. Worship can explore the spiritual side of connection or be intended to turn your partner on! During this class we will explore boot worship outside of basic bootblacking, each unique, not one better than the other. We will discuss different states of being that can occur during worship.