Madam Shadow

Madam Shadow grew up a Military brat, spending several years on each coast, as well as several abroad. She began exploring Kink in the early 1990’s through online bbs and AOL chat rooms, which eventually led her to discover Tidewater People Exchanging Power (TPEP), and the BDSM community in Hampton Roads Va.
She is a retired bio Equestrian, who used to compete in 3 Day Eventing (which is Dressage, Stadium Jumping, and Cross Country Jumping), and she had the honor of training under renowned Master Instructor and Author, Francois Lemaire De Ruffieu.

Her first exposure to Pony Play created instant love! She has had the honor of working with several special local ponies over the last decade. As a Pony Trainer she uses her experiences training bio horses to create the most authentic experience possible. It is one of her dreams to one day compete (and place) at the EIPPE! She enjoys showing ways that Pony Play doesn’t have to break the bank, and that vet wrap goes a long way!

To date she identifies as a pansexual Leather Master and Pony Trainer, and has had an authority based dynamic for 14 years and counting!